Architecture design

We identify the technological strategy that enables your business objectives as well as we accompany your teams during the implementation.


Our methodology is a perfect merge between Design Thinking + Agile methodologies from which:

Before we begin, we ask ourselves why is it important to do this exercise and what questions should we answer?

Then we understand the business and technology context to empathize with the objectives and needs that must be resolved.

We design exercises that allow us to have conversations in a structured way, achieving alignment, synergy and the commitment that is generated in people when they feel that the result was built by them.

Now is the time to design the architecture of the organization. We do it taking into account what the business needs using modern technologies that can coexist with the legacy technology of the organization.

We create a socialization space alongside business and technology people in which the architecture is challenged. The assistants devise diverse scenarios to test the design and make sure it meets the needs of the business.

We accompany the company teams to implement the architecture roadmap resulting from the previous stages.


With the architecture proposed, you will have a technological transformation roadmap that contemplates the new information systems that the business requires, those that must be eliminated or modernized, and the way in which they must be integrated. All this aligned with the business drivers.



Our business architecture exercises generate deliverables in early stages of the implementation.


Our highly participatory exercises, allows the teams to have a comprehensive vision of architecture.


Our deliverables are tailored to the target audience, combining technical and commercial language.


We provide the time of our professionals at your disposal to help you overcome challenges in our areas of expertise in the face of business needs.

We are based on Design Thinking + Agile methodologies.

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