• About Us?

We are a consulting firm that understands the companies’ purpose to identify the best path of technological transformation through participatory and actionable business architecture exercises that support the adoption of modern and high-impact technologies.


We make an agile and participatory business architecture. We connect the business strategy with the technology strategy, helping our clients to identify the investment focuses and the best technological strategy to achieve results, in conjunction with agile development models.

Our methodology is inclusive, participatory, flexible and friendly, generating real value for business actors with results that are easily applicable to reality.

We are pioneers in the provision of enterprise architecture services that incorporate the values ​​of the agile manifesto.


At Valtica we accelerate digital transformation using architecture and agility as an alignment mechanism between business and technology through participatory experiences.


Valtica was born with the purpose of improving environments by connecting realities. We connect realities because our architects facilitate conversations between business and technology actors, and we improve the environments because through the architectures we design our team seeks to impact the pains and needs of all the actors with whom we empathize during the process.

Know our brand

Our logo is the result of an effort to connect rationality with the human potential that characterizes our teams.

We find in the rubik’s cube the perfect symbol to convey the complexity of the challenges that we have accompanied and helped to solve, through agile methodologies and participatory frameworks, which result in structured deliverables that are easy to understand for our clients, ‘we promote a process of alignment ‘.

At the same time, it is easy to see the heart symbolized, through the pink squares that make up our rubik’s cube. This is responsible for transmitting the essence of our brand, human, consistent with our slogan and culture: we improve environments, connecting realities. Because at Valtica we put heart and desire in each project, deliverable and we value the trust of our clients, which is what has allowed us to grow and continue to build the future and support companies in their greatest challenges.

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